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Saturday, July 15, 2006 

Reach Your Goals - Temp Your Way To The Top

Temp your way to the top Want to take the test for a software certification, but feeling a bit rusty? Need to brush up on your mechanic skills before tackling the full rebuild of that gas-and-oil-guzzler staining up your driveway? Or perhaps you need to re-enter the networking circle of your chosen work-from-home career after a few years out of the loop, but don't want to get trapped into the office-bound aspects of it. One visit to your local temporary staffing agency could have you on your way to meeting your goals and getting paid for it at the same time. Temp agencies are well known for their desire to work with their employee-clients (that's you) on times, shifts, days and skill specifications. If you find out that you and a particular employer don't see eye to eye on what you need, you can just say "no" ("no's" are no big deal - the temp agency would rather find out before you walk out of an employer's office mid-shift and leave them with a PR hassle). By the time you've gotten what you needed out of the bargain, you and the agency have made some extra cash and the local businesses will know your name (and hopefully, that'll be a good thing).